Bulgaria Uncensored

About us

Bulgaria Uncensored is a center-right political party. The party was established on 25 January 2014. Nikolay Barekov is the founder and the first Chairman of the party. The party’s main intentions are related to the “Clean Hands” legislation within which the whole of the political elite will be checked for the origin of their income and property. Among the other important tasks for the party are: fighting unemployment, bringing the demographic growth back to normal rates and fighting poverty since Bulgaria is the country with the lowest incomes in the European Union.

Bulgaria Uncensored started as a Civil Movement in 2013 which became extremely popular because of the free legal assistance that it offered to citizens throughout the country and the tours of the leader of the movement among the people. Barekov quickly managed to define the most pressing social and economic issues of Bulgaria. The idea for the creation of the Political Party came on the squares of the country because of the acute lack of support for the then new power and the ongoing protests against the old political class. Basically the only new political player that calls for entering the government of the country is namely Nikolay Barekov’s party. For a short time the movement managed to attract a number of supporters because of its firm opposition against the whole political class and the oligarchic blocks that are in control of Bulgaria after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989.


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